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Every cat owner needs one of these...

September 6, 2016

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Does your cat have a safety net?

June 25, 2016


Working in vet clinics over the years I have seen some strange and wonderful things. I have cared for cats from two weeks old, to twenty-two years old. One thing I can say for every single one of them, is that both cats and owners are much happier when they have insurance. You hope nothing bad ever happens to your cat, and so do I. But the truth is that cats are curious creatures and they're bound to get themselves into a little bit of trouble now and then. There is nothing worse than having to make decisions about your baby based on how much money is in the bank. For instance, I knew a ten week old kitten that ate a handful of tinsel. Without the help and support of the veterinary clinic they brought him to, he would have been euthanized because his surgery was too expensive. But not all clinics are able to offer help in these situations. All of the insurance companies can.


There are two companies that I have found so far that I would recommend. 


The first is called Healthy Paws pet insurance. They have one simple plan that covers a variety of scenarios with unlimited lifetime benefits. It is a pretty run of the mill plan in the sense that it won't cover pre-existing conditions and routine care. However, what I like most about it is that it will cover alternative medicine. This gives pet owners so many more options to help their pets.                                                 Click the picture below for more information.


The other company I would recommend is called Pet's Best pet insurance. This plan has many different policy options and levels of coverage. The main reason I suggest this company is because they offer coverage for routine care as well as illness and injury. So even if your kitten grows up to be a cat who never has a single health problem, you can benefit from the plan and still have protection just in case. 

                                          Click the picture below for more information.


No matter which company you choose, every cat (and dog!) should have a safety net...just in case curiosity gets the better of them.



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