Full Groom: $70

Includes a bath, haircut, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Hair Cut (partial): $40

For kitties who need a trim or their belly shaved, but don't require a full lion cut.


Anti-Allergen Treatment: $40

Anti-Allergen Waterless Treatment: $30

Ear Cleaning: $5

Nail Trim: $10

Sanitary Trim: $15

Waterless Bath & Brush Out: $25

Bath & Brush Out: $35

De-Matting Only: $35

Lion Cut Only: $50

Flea Bath & De-Flea Comb Out: $45


Grooming Assistant Fee: $30

This fee is applied for cats that are especially difficult to handle and require the help of a second groomer.

Excessive Matting: $30