Full Groom: $70

Includes a bath, lion cut, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. Upgrade to a custom hair cut for only 10 additional dollars! Belly shave & sanitary trim is included in price. 

Custom Hair Cut: $60

For kitties who need a hair cut other than a lion cut. ​

Flea Bath & De-Flea Comb Out: $60

The cat is bathed with a flea-killing shampoo and then is combed to remove fleas. 




Lion Cut Only: $50

The head is left fluffy, the body is shaved down, and the tail can be left alone or shaved into a pouf at the end.  



Bath & Brush (Long-haired Cat): $45


Anti-Allergen Treatment: $40

This specially formulated shampoo neutralizes allergens from pet dander for up to thirty days. 


Bath & Brush (Short-haired Cat): $35


De-Matting Only: $35

For kitties who just need matts removed. 

Anti-Allergen Waterless Treatment: $30

Sanitary Trim + Belly Shave: $30

Includes a sanitary trim and a shave of the full belly area. 



Waterless Bath & Brush Out: $25



Nail Cap Application: $20

Nail caps cover your cat's claws so they cannot scratch.

Nail Cap Removal: $15

If your cat already has nail caps that you'd like touched up, please book an appointment for nail cap removal and for nail cap application. The caps must be removed before reapplying to ensure they will all stay on. 

Sanitary Trim: $15

Includes a trim around the cat's backside and private areas.  

15 Minute Brush-Out: $10

For kitties that just need a good brushing.



Nail Trim: $10

Ear Cleaning: $5


Grooming Assistant Fee: $30

This fee is applied for cats that are especially difficult to handle and require the help of a second groomer.

Excessive Matting: $30